Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out and About!

So, we have been experiencing a milder than usual winter here - little snow, but very windy.  Today seemed like the perfect day to take some wintery photos of "The Land".  Again, I have our trusty sidekick with us...he never says no to a romp on the trails.  Let's start at the end of the driveway:

The end of our driveway is called "The Landing".  While Citylogger was restoring the property, this was the spot where everything "landed".  If we were meeting friends to romp the dogs, we'd say, "Meet us at the landing."
If contractors were coming to work, we'd meet here as well.

This is a fork in the trails heading west from the driveway.  We did not know how close this area would be to the house when we purchased the property.  Back then, the whole family would go for walks and try to find our way around.  In the summer, it's full of Daisies and Queen Anne's Lace.  I thought we should name it the "Lazy Daisy Trail".  But my thoughts go back to the first time we walked it and Kristen and I got lost.  We sat down in several feet of snow at the time, and said, "I quit.  Let's see if the guys will find us:)"  So the "I Quit Split" may win out as the trail's name.  We'll see.

If you go to the right of the split, you'll see these "babies".  We planted over several hundred seedlings when we purchased the property as well.  I can't believe how fast they are growing.  You can see them in proportion to Champ. Don't know what he's thinking???

This is "The Danny Pond".  That's because we rented a mini excavator last summer, and Dan spent some time back here digging this out. Nothing like working the land to let off some stress from studying for exams.  It's not finished, but it flows under a trail to the other side where there could be another pond.....could be another project for summer??

That up ahead is the "Reading Hill".  It's one of the first areas Citylogger and team cleared.  It's got a huge tree that would be just right for a swing someday.  It would be a great place to enjoy a good book:)

Here's a look back at the Reading Hill from the top of the ridge that lines the back of the property. You can see more trails as well.

If you are still with me,  this is the main trail looking back at the ridge from behind the house.

Back to home sweet home.
Hope you enjoyed our walk as much as we did. We try to take a little different stroll each time we go.  And it looks different each season.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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