Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day

Yesterday was the last day of school for our students.  It was very much like any other last day for the last twenty years I've taught, except this one was a little different.  Our school is closing and so this was not just the last day of class.  It has been a month of "lasts", as we had assemblies and field trips, and awards and yearbooks.  It is the last time the doors will welcome students and families, teachers and staff, cool lunches and backpacks, books and supplies.  I decided I would capture a few moments. There are no pictures of the children - their faces will always be in my heart with lots of memories here.

Please pardon the quality of these pictures, but it was early - too early to mention in fact:) I forgot my camera, so I took these with my phone.

It's been a tradition for many years that I bring donuts on the first day and the last. So that was my first stop!  The folder contained what I prepared to say at our awards ceremony as we honored student's achievements.  And I brought a change of clothes, since I knew I would need to change so I could pack later on in the day.

This is the first thing I see early in the morning when I park.  We walked this track almost every day:)
It will still be used of course, however I will have a different view next year.

As I entered my classroom, I took one look at all those boxes and decided to look elsewhere!  I handed out breakfast and important papers for my students instead:) The packing can wait until after the kiddos leave!
Those windows face a high school across the street.  I will miss hearing the cheerleaders in September practicing outside on the side lawn, and hearing the play-by-play of the football games at the stadium.  It was the "white noise" that I heard while I graded papers and created lesson plans.

Checked the yearbooks one more time to be sure I signed all of them.

Was thankful for the group of students I had this year.  These were some gifts they gave me. My favorites are their cards written with their own thoughts:) They didn't know they'd be the last class to leave this building, but they handled it quite well.

Wore a favorite bracelet my sisters gave me for my birthday last year - it makes me smile:) Years ago, my students were pen pals with my youngest sister's class.  
After months of writing to each other, they took a bus and came out to meet us and play on the playground.   Years later, my other sisters surprised me and bought me coffee one afternoon. I couldn't help but smile when I remembered those visits. And where did the time go anyway??

Put on my dress shoes and checked that I had everything I needed for the assembly. I had a colleague years ago who accidentally wore two different colored shoes - one navy and one black!! I think I've had this fear that I'd do the same ever since!! Doesn't hurt to check:)

Welcomed my fifth graders one last time, enjoyed our day together, and said goodbye. It went by so fast!  

I will take lots of lessons and memories with me - including the fact that my own kids spent their elementary years here.  I remember eating cinnamon toast with Dan before class began, and Kristen coming back in the middle of the morning to ask for snack money!  She will love that I shared that!  How lucky was I to have that time with them though?

And so it goes ~ 

Thanks for the memories RM Elementary!


  1. I cried too as we left there for the last time on Thursday. Both of my littles went to RM for UPK. I was lucky enough to be part of the RM family for a little while. We loved every part of it. God bless you in your upcoming changes. I will be praying for you.

  2. Uy, this made me teary :( I suppose the end of one thing always means the beginning of something else. That place will always hold fond memories.

    And yes, I always needed snack money... to this day I still count my quarters and dimes so I can get something from the store downstairs to hold me over til lunch! :)