Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pool Update #3

We finished the final grading and putting down the sod this past week.  We were also able to get the salt levels correct so that the pool was making enough chlorine - just in time for a swim after a long, hot day at work! The first picture is the view outside our bedroom looking over the deck - pinch me - still can't believe we get to enjoy this every morning!

That stone you see is just filler to keep down the mud from a certain brown fur:) Eventually I see a pretty Japanese Maple or some tall grasses, and some prettier stone to go on top.

Below is where the new lounge chairs will go as soon as they arrive. 

Another view from the top deck...

That's all for now.  Closing up another school year and looking forward to a few weeks of vacation.
Summers go by so fast ~ hoping to be able to really enjoy this one.

Have a great weekend and a  Happy Father's Day!

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