Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alarm Clock

I don't know about the rest of you who have dogs, but this is Champ as we head out the door for work.  It's also what he does on the weekends AFTER he's had his walk, eaten breakfast, and played with his toys.  Citylogger and I have a theory ~  Champ thinks he's our alarm clock.  He gets us up, takes us for a walk, and  plays with us for a while.  Then, once our lunches are packed and we're ready to go, he goes back to bed....all before 7:00 am!
Whew!  If he could talk, I think he'd say...." Parents, they are so much work, but that's my job.  Get them up, encourage them to exercise, make sure they eat, and then send them on their way!"

If we could just get him to believe that it's ok to skip those first steps of the day and sleep in on the weekends.....

Yup ~ who's training who around here??

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