Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feelin' Crafty

A while ago I was searching for picture frames.  I knew I wanted to create a small gallery wall of some sort.  As I searched around, I thought it would be nice to frame some pretty botanical prints, however they're pretty expensive. Until I went here.  You can download prints for free!  Very exciting....and that motivated me to put them in these:

Yes...they were "buy one get one free" that! I would have purchased 4, however these 3 were the last ones standing on the shelf at Michael's and they hopped in my cart..... together - imagine that!

So, I downloaded the prints, and then used scrapbook paper that looks like papyrus - notice how it's shredded on the edges?

I thought it would appear as though the pages were torn from a book....but that's just between you and me!

I left the cardboard "newsprinty" edge.  Now I need to figure out where to hang them, and I think the wall they are leaning on would look great.

All in all, this was a lot less expensive than framed botannical prints I've seen here and here.
And because they were free,  I won't feel guilty if I decide to replace them when I change my mind.  There were prints that highlighted different colors to go with your decor....or mood!

Anyone else "getting their craftiness on"??

Update:   They're up....

I had to separate them because the light switches would not allow all 3 to hang together.  They seem to be ok with it, and for now, so am I:)