Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes....

As Citylogger and I went for a walk with Champ today, we noticed some subtle changes as the seasons move from winter to spring.  Some wildflowers were peeking up at us already, grass is slowly turning from brown to green, our feathered friends are back and lingering at the pond. Predictable, reliable changes that make us smile....and even anticipate after the long winter. The familiarity of these changes brings a sense of comfort.  Spring will come, followed by summer, and the anticipation of long, sunny days.

Some changes are not as welcome for us as they are for Champ.  Mud...and more mud. He loves it, and we are convinced that he lives to roll around in it.  We just get out more towels, and dog shampoo. This is a change from crunchy, cold, clean snow...fewer towels needed, less water all over the house. Still, this change makes us cringe, but laugh, as he shakes everywhere, and we shake our heads. For as certain as the seasons change, we too must adapt.

The end of tax season is a change we look forward to....less hours inside, and more hours outside for Citylogger. More time that I get to actually see Citylogger:) A much anticipated change.

And, if this were like any other school year for me, spring also brings the transition of my students from elementary to middle school. They look like deer in headlights as they anticipate this change.  But I reassure them that this is the next natural step for them.  So we tour the school, we learn how our new schedule will look, we even practice using a lock so that they can see how a combination works.  We time our transitions between subjects so we can experience what 3 minutes feels like to prepare for their next class.  They swear they will be shoved into a locker, or told their classes will be on the fourth floor (there is no fourth floor), or that detention is something akin to a prison sentence that will happen to each of them on day one!  And I tell them, they will be ok. They are ready, they have been preparing for this day, and they will take the lessons they've learned to their next adventure. They will make new friends, and keep some of their old ones too.  And when they come back to visit they will wonder what they were so worried about - besides the lunches at middle school are so much better.  Lunch is important:) And, in fact, students do come back and tell me just that.

But this year is different.  I will be moving too.  There is a temptation to give in to the unknown, the "dark side", like my students do...and to listen to the fears that linger and try to make themselves comfortable in my heart.  However, I remind myself of what I tell my students, and that I should take my own advice. And that they look to me as a role model for guidance, and reassurance that all will be ok.

So, I will pack up my room, for what will be the ninth time in my twenty year career, ( I'm getting good at this, I tell ya). I will take only what I'll need, but more importantly, I will take the memories and lessons of a place where my own kids grew up, and perhaps where I did a little growing up myself. I will tour the surroundings, and check out my new schedule. I will set up my classroom with a renewed spirit and an open mind. I will get to see former students, and work with new colleagues.  And I may even try the lunches - I hear they're pretty good:)

And so as sure as the seasons will change, so will all of us. Some changes bring us comfort, some make us uncomfortable, and some leave us wondering what will be.  But I know that one of these days in the near future, I will probably wonder what I was so worried about.  

Enjoy your weekend ~


  1. I admire your thoughts and words about the new change. My kids are very excited about this and not as worried or nervous as I am. I had myself so worked up about the school change i was destined and determined to put the kids at St Paul. I then had to take a step back and when I did i realized, that I was worked up over something that hasn't even happened yet, that we haven't even tried! So...... as much as a pain it will be for me to have to drive to 2 schools next year and then 3 the following.... The least I can do is give it a shot and it might not be as bad as i am anticipating :0)

    1. Thank you Jess...we're all in this together!