Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Yesterday was Kristen's birthday ~ yes, and that's no April Fool's!

We got to spend some time with grandparents, and Kristen's inlaws, and it was fun.  Pizza, wings, antipasta salad, cake and brownies...yum!

Oh, and Dan did get us good for April Fool's.  He told his sister that he had to work - it is tax season,  and he would have to put in a lot of overtime.....well, April Fool's....he showed up afterall!

We love you Kristen, and we hope you had a great birthday!

Playing around on the adjustable stools:)

Birthday girl and her favorite tall redhead:)

Just where has the time gone anyway??

Glad your April Fool's joke to me was only a joke!!

Happy Birthday Kristen, with many good wishes for the year ahead!

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