Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trials and Tales....

This year I am serving with a colleague as co-coach for the Fifth Grade Mock Trial team. Can I tell you how much fun we are having??

We are the Defense team in the case of Jeremiah Birch vs. the State.  It's a twist on some fairy tales that you may remember...

It seems that Jeremiah Birch (a woodcutter/contractor), has had a "falling out" of sorts with Mr. I.M. Wolf. Mr. Wolf owns land that he rents to three brothers who "live as if it were a pigsty".  It seems that one of their homes was blown over by a wind storm, and Mr. Birch quotes the brothers a price to build a newer, more sturdier house of bricks.  Mr. Wolf is opposed to the idea as it would effect his property taxes, among other reasons.

One day, while Scarlett R. Hood was checking in on her grandmother (as she does every day), Scarlett discovers an "intruder" in her grandmother's house, dressed in her grandmother's clothes. To her surprise, she screams upon this discovery....and Mr. Birch...who happens to be in the neighborhood quoting another job....comes to her rescue....at least that's our story....

Stay tuned....we have much work to do to prepare our case.  We have poured over the statement of facts,  we are drafting opening and closing statements....and the questions we have!!

We go to trial in May, with a real judge, in a real courtroom :) ~ wish us luck!

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