Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Treasures

Every Saturday morning I meet my mom and dad for coffee and we catch up on the week's news and happenings.  This Saturday was no different, except that afterwards, mom and I decided to go for a drive.  I had seen some flowers out at a farm stand, and just had to go back....twice!!

They had beautiful pansies, herbs, and fresh produce.  Mom did really well!

I spotted these beauties and they asked to come home with me. I couldn't say no....

Then, we proceeded further and stopped at the Outlet Center in Caledonia.  I've been hunting for deck/patio furniture and experiencing sticker shock at the prices.  So, when I saw all this for the price of one chair in most gardening places, I had to say, "Yes, please!!"

Another ottoman was also included:)

On the way home, we stopped at Magnolia's Antiques.  Mom thought she found a wicker plant stand, but after going home to measure, she decided against it.  I will have to take more pics next time I visit.  It started to rain, and I just wasn't thinking about pictures.  They really do have some nice finds.  I spotted these, and they rolled into my car.....

One more stop before heading home....back to the farm stand.  We must have been hungry and started thinking about what to fix for dinner:)

I'm thinking we'll make pizza with these and a few other toppings.

I'll be searching for an outdoor rug to go under the deck furniture.... some pretty  just may be time to take out the planters and pots from the shed to put those pansies in! Thanks mom, for suggesting the idea to go for a drive ~ it was fun:)

Back to the reality of work, was a good "staycation", and a chance to rejuvenate for the last two months of school and moving my classroom:)

Happy Monday All!

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