Friday, April 13, 2012

Ten Reasons to Enjoy a "Staycation"

Spring break is typically a time of the year where many "Get out of Dodge", "leave town", say to one another, "Let's blow this popsicle stand!".....Haven't heard that one???

Well, it's still tax season, and while I've gone away without Citylogger, it's not the same.  So, here are my top ten reasons for vacationing at home:

10.  You get caught up on laundry, bills, and stocking the pantry.
9.    You can cook more healthy meals - which costs less than eating out.
8.    You can linger longer in your pj's in the morning.
7.    You can have that extra cup of coffee in a real mug, as opposed to a travel mug on your way out the   door, and you can eat lunch in more than 20 minutes (ok, that's 2 reasons in 1).
6.    You don't have to wake up to an alarm, and can sleep longer.
5.    You can paint your nails and toes and actually wait until they dry before heading out the door!
4.    You can do some retail therapy:)
3.    You can spend more time blogging and reading blogs.
2.    You can organize drawers, closets, etc.
1.    You can do everything you usually do when working, but not in the same time crunch!!

I know it doesn't sound glamourous, but hey, it works for me.  Now, the next time spring break falls after tax season,  I'm thinking somewhere, anywhere near a beach would be heavenly!


Happy Friday!

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