Monday, April 30, 2012

Blazing Trails and Paths.....

Never thought I would ever see myself doing this but.....

Never say never....

Now, keep an open mind.  These are good times...look closely:)
First you drag the branches that have fallen down over the past winter.  Then you cut up the bigger logs for firewood and stack them along the trails.  Then you put the bigger branches into the shredder.!!  (Hence the earmuffs)

Then, you spread the mulch you have made onto the trails, so there are all sorts of interesting and scenic places to walk on without being attacked by the giant "Jumanji looking" pricker bushes that creep out to take back their territory faster than you can say "Jumanji". Run-on sentence I know, but that's what this feels like once you get in the groove!

Then you take a chocolate chip cookie break....

Citylogger was taking photos while our trusty neighbor  (who's on our speed dial as an emergency contact) was fixing our equipment.  

I'm not kidding when I say this is hard work.  I'm also not kidding when I say, "I get it". I get it because it's quite the workout, and at the same time you are creating something to enjoy.

I will admit that this kind of pathway is easier for me to visualize:

The front walkway is being prepped and readied for stone.  This will be done long before those other pathways will, but that's's a process....

and time for another cookie break:)


  1. i love that you were in the woods shredding logs :) can't wait to see the walkway take shape!

    1. Thank you dear daughter:) It was therapeutic in a strange sort of way!