Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Table

I love to decorate a table for a special meal.  Since the kids are coming to the farm, I thought I'd spend a little extra time preparing - sorry for all the pictures.  I'm really trying to learn how to use Citylogger's digital camera, and photography was never a talent of mine.  Here's hoping that practice will help!

Tom's Grandma's dishes are always beautiful in the spring

that's a chocolate bunny's head that snuck up there:)

ahh ~ pretty!

The runner and napkins are from Target

I bought the flowers from the grocery store, separated them, and arranged them in the vases ~ (another dream of mine is to own a flower shop...along with a does "Petals and Pages" sound for a name?  If it already exists, I promise I had no idea:)

But I digress...

On the menu is ~

Barbecque Rack of lamb
Pork loin roast
mashed sweet potatoes
Oma's famous cream cheese potatoes
fresh asparagus with sun dried tomatoes
fresh bread
spring green salad

Hope you all have a beautiful happens to be my absolute favorite holiday and the first one that I was able to feature on this little blog of mine!

Many Blessings......


  1. Breathtaking tablescape my dear! A very lovely Easter to you too! It's my favorite too. I love the Spring. :)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words and for reading ~ it's an honor to have you following along!

  2. lovely! mmmm can't wait to eat those cream cheese potatoes! :)

    1. Better hurry....there's potato - eating "bunnies" around here:)