Monday, July 9, 2012

Chalk Paint Strikes Again!

This weekend I finished our rocker with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint to match the Adirondack chairs I did last week.  Here she is before:

A little rough around the edges:

After the first coat of old white:

And after the second coat of paris grey and sanded lightly:

Much better!

Ready for  her close-up:)

She looks a little lost from this angle!

My next adventure is to paint some shelves and a stool for my classroom - did I mention how much I love this paint??

And just because I wanted to capture their beauty:

An updated view of the walkway now that plants are blooming:

This is what that same view looked like back in May:

Happy Monday!


  1. hi kristen's mom,

    still love the blog and am noticing a big change in the quality of your photos - they look awesome! :)

    take care,

  2. Hi Carey!
    So good to hear from you, and thank you ~ always open to learning something new! Hope you are having a good summer:)