Sunday, July 8, 2012

Corn Hill Arts Festival ~ 2012

One of the perks of having Dan live where he chose to live is that the annual Corn Hill Arts Festival is literally in his front yard.  In past years, we always tried to meet there and browse all of the artist's beautiful handmade creations - and don't forget the kettle corn!  Well, now that Dan lives there, we can take a break on his deck, and then go out for a second round of browsing and shopping:)

These wooden creations were beautiful:

Just a view of the street and the vendors - I think Dan and Sarah were laughing at a hat they saw - something about it being a colander with propellers on the top?? You can see by the umbrellas that we had a little rain but that didn't stop the fun!

This was a booth from a local orchard ~ beautiful bouquets and vinegars, jams, and jellies:


Look what Kristen found!  This bouquet had peonies in the center.

Ceramic ware was everywhere!  I circled around the festival twice just to admire all the creativity.

These are some of the historic buildings you see when you enter the Corn Hill District.

Oh yes ~ Dan and Citylogger went back to the house to get lunch ready and stopped for this on the way ~ a henna tattoo ~ I have no words!:)

These were some of the vendors right outside Dan's house, as I took this picture right from his deck ~ some of the nicest people.

While we are here, I may as well show you the latest update on the house - baseboard trim!  Andy does such good work!

New deck furniture:

This was my souvenir of the day - I couldn't stop looking at this, so she came home with us:

Such intricate details:

The Corn Hill Crew - minus Tom and I as we were taking pictures.

Uncle Mike and Dan at the grill:

Shh - Dan was buying Sarah something at this vendor - has something to do with turning antique spoons into jewelry....

We had such a great time - the pictures tell only some of the story.  Dan and Sarah made us Belgian waffles with fresh fruit for breakfast.  Then for lunch, we had grilled salmon and chicken, pasta salad, and fresh tossed salad...and then there was all the sampling at the different tents!!
What a great day and a great tradition that we can hopefully continue every July at Dan's!

On the way home, I was talking with my two moms, and we were commenting on all the pretty jewelry we saw - I think my mom said it best:
"I don't need any more of that stuff...just peace, love, and happiness....and days like today!"

Well said mom ~ well said!

Thank you Dan and Sarah for a beautiful day!

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