Monday, February 20, 2012

And That's How We Roll....

Wow!  What a painting marathon.  With the help of family taking many shifts, the following list was tackled:

Remove all carpet and staples
shop vac the subflooring
paint the ceilings upstairs
paint all the trim
roll the walls
change out all the switches to white
paint the closets

And some photos:

So  much cleaner looking:)

And another closet


Hallway and stairway

Dan and his sister chose the colors.  We used Behr paint and primer in one from Home Depot.
It really covers well.  They also ventured out together to buy accessories for each room once The Man Cub moves in.  Next week the carpet comes and and then he'll have to finish the downstairs.  It was so much fun to help!  But for now, a hot shower and some ibuprofen are calling me:)...and finding a way to get the paint out of my hair... A big thank you to anyone who supplied their time, refreshments, gift cards, know who you are!

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