Monday, February 27, 2012

The Envelope Please......

I've always wanted to say that!  I did make it to the big show that begins with "O" here.  It was invitation only, pay admission entry. There were so many beautiful stars to see, so many unusual colors and patterns, that I couldn't stop taking pictures:) It was challenging to move around the other Paparazzi - it was full of star power, and glitz and glamour!  These lovelies walked the red , garden carpet liked they owned the place. I'll let these beauties do the talking, along with the "awards" I would give them!

The Ladies'  Stately Manor - home to the brightest of stars!

"Most Congenial and Unusual" Best Actress - she knows how to make an entrance and act in this new  breed, lead role!

"Most Traditional" in a supportive role kind of way! 

"Most Showy" - she filled the table with her presence and kept the conversation flowing!

"Most Spotted" - literally.. she took her post seriously as she led the way to the show and was spotted everywhere!

"Most Romantic" in a starring role - didn't say much but didn't have to..

"Most Elegant and Gracious" in a supportive role- see that bench - she invited me to sit there and was good company!

"Most Confident" - I found her to be deeply rooted and able to hold her ground among her fans!

"Most Dramatic!"- her bold choice of color made quite a statement - got a little moody when I  didn't get her whole head in the shot:)

"Most Enduring and Classic" - Lifetime Achievers!

Don't know how this slipped in there....chocolate tree = "yes, please!"

"Most Refreshingly New" on the scene

"Most Cinderella - esque" and likely to star in a Fairy Tale Role - she's a Slipper Orchid!

Aren't they fabulous??  There were even artists painting these ladies' portraits.

Thanks for playing along with me!  Seriously, I love the natural beauty in these and the promise of Spring to come:) All kidding aside, the gardeners that grow these have a true gift and were so gracious with questions and suggestions.  There was quite a crowd and many seemed to enjoy photographing these as much as growing them.  A great way to spend a weekend afternoon.  I look forward to this every year, and like years past, this one did not disappoint.

Happy Monday all!

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