Monday, February 20, 2012

You've Got Mail....maybe??

You remember the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...they find each other on the Internet, and develop their relationship through e-mail, etc. etc.  Well, I'm beginning to think I'd prefer to receive all our mail that way.  Snail mail is so..."yesterday"...literally.   Notice anything??

That's the entrance to our driveway...get a little closer and....

Yup!  That's the hole that our post and mailbox rested in....just yesterday as a matter of fact.  We installed it ourselves and it greeted us every day. I know what you may be thinking - could have been a plow truck.  Ordinarily I would agree, however no plows have been by recently - not enough snow. Hmm...not to worry...a new greeter is being installed as I type this.

Dear Person(s), Machine, Vehicle, Alien who took out our mailbox,

Hope you really needed one, and hope it greets you as kindly as it greeted us. Not going postal about it...just a little perplexed and confused.


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