Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dog gone done it again!

So you have met this guy:

And we love him.  He was my Christmas present to City logger five years ago. He's loveable and a great companion.  But sometimes I wonder what I was thinking:

This is what I have been coming home to at the end of the day.  We have each questioned one another, "Did you leave the laundry room closet door open?" Now we both forget from time to time - ya know that mid life thing when you even forget why you walked into a room in the first place?  But, I digress..
We both swore that we closed the door - end of story. His treats and some food are in there, but they are sealed.  However, exhibit A above shows not sealed enough....and what's with the bandaids - yes, he takes those apart as well - perhaps he was once a doctor in his former life??

And then.....

See that door handle?  Well, what you can't see is the nose print behind it.  I kept coming home and wiping off the handle, not thinking much of it.  Until one evening at home, I hear the unmistakeable sound of the door opening itself...hmmm...

Yes, the aforementioned four-legged apparently has a talent that we were unaware of - Houdini, I mean Champ, can open the door.

And so, after some debate and discussion, Citylogger tried this:

Ok..I know, I's not the best solution, but let's give my poor husband a break.  It is tax season and the man is exhausted:) 

And so, it was time to outsmart that furry four-legged.  Food and treats are now in the garage:

In these sealed containers.  If he finds his way out here, then we have bigger problems than we'd care to admit.

Gotta love this guy!

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  1. haha! oh, champy. life is never dull with him around :)