Monday, May 28, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race...

Spent some time this weekend helping Dan with the new house.  He is doing everything himself, along with lots of family and friend's talent and support.  From painting, to trim, to switching the old outlets to fresh new white ones, to installing hardwood flooring.  He is eventually planning to refinish all the cabinetry as well.  But when you work full time,  it means nights and weekends are precious time.  Coming along:

I can't seem to capture the true color of this wall, but it's not the red you see - more like burnt orange.

new outlets and switches

going around the fireplace hearth and a corner with a dip in the floor

And just a reminder of the upstairs:


The Office is storing the furniture for the downstairs right now, however, he made a gallery wall of his educational degrees and certificates and  - Dan says, "It's the most expensive wall in the house!"

stairway and new carpeting throughout the upstairs

master bedroom and Ikea furniture
Here's a checklist of things accomplished so far:

Move everything from old apartment
Patch and repair walls
replace outlets and switches
Paint everything except the two bathrooms
Take out all old carpet and linoleum
Have new carpeting installed
Have new heating/ac installed
install new bamboo floors - in progress...
install new lighting in master bedroom
drive to Canada, purchase furniture and assemble!

So Dan, if you think you're not making progress...think again!

Those of you who DIY know how much time things take:)  It's a labor of love!

I'll be sure to post  more finished pics when the time comes.  For now, keep going Dan ~ and thankful for a family that embraces a team spirit!!

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