Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Does it Still Surprise Me?

This post has nothing to do with design, DIY, gardening, or recipes....and I promised myself to stay true to my purpose.  But, occasionally I may go "off the grid", or in this case "over the edge"! This has more to do with "interior design" of a different kind...the kind that makes you reflect and grow as a person, if you know what I mean!

Now one saying I remember as a young mom was, "Give your children two is roots, and the other is wings".....more on that later....
The other thing that us moms of children who are adults know, is that you are careful what you share about your kids - you don't get too personal.  However....this is one of those times I feel repelled, sorry, compelled to share.

This is our son with Kristen while on a family vacation - we affectionately call him  "The Man Cub".  He has always had an affinity for action.  If there was a project, he'd volunteer. Going to run an errand? He's in. Building something?....sure! He's smart, caring, funny. We'd like to think his "roots" were sound.  We had a few "weeds" to pull from time to time, but what parent doesn't....and that's the "too personal" stuff I mentioned earlier...moving on...
You've heard me talk about his house, graduating, becoming a CPA...but I left out some parts....

As he grew, "action" took on a whole new meaning.

Slalom water skiing.


Pole Vaulting - yes - he joined track and field in High School.  I went to the meet and asked what events he was in.  He mentioned a few relays and when those were over, he said, "Thanks for coming mom.  You don't have to stay for the whole thing."
Me:  "Oh, I don't mind.  It's a beautiful day." (in my suspicious state of mind, but unsuspecting voice)
Dan: "No, really mom, you can go."
Me:  "You're pole vaulting, aren't you?"
Dan: "Yes, mother."
Me: "Then I'm staying!"

Remember the "wings" I was supposed to give you? - not literally Dan!!

Let's not forget downhill skiing. Yes, the helmet was my idea:) He is NOT on the bunny hill.


Now here's something I could relate to - tennis - everything stays on the ground, well, except the ball, and sometimes the players.......

Now, I grew up in a house with four girls...and I played volleyball and field hockey.  I just didn't "fly through the air with the greatest of ease", and jumping, hopping, wrestling....not what we did on the average day. The thought never crossed my mind to do any of that! I still would opt not to do any of that!
 This is just plain silly, and I must admit, I laughed my head off when he was finally vertical - this photo even made it into the catalog that this strange tubular device came from, as part of an ad campaign:)

So, please forgive me, if for the love of all things good, I was still surprised when said "man cub" called and told us he was doing this:


It's called "Over the Edge", and it's a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts...and it's through work.  Did I mention that he was an accountant?  I thought we were in the safe zone!!  Repelling 21 stories???

Could we just go back to this:

I mean, really, was playing with frogs and teasing your sister THAT bad??

I'm just saying...oh, please be still my heart! 
 He asked me if I wanted to watch from the observation tower or from the you hear the "forced choice" here?  Tricky, I must say..

My feet will be terra firma.  My head will be silently praying with every word I can muster, my camera will be charged and ready...and my heart will be racing...but it is filled with love for our "man cub".

So, this mom will once again, dig deep and hold her breath, and cheer him on.  Because that's what we moms do!

Stay tuned for pics, and thanks for listening!


  1. I have always heard that as a Mother you have to honor your child's "bent". You so beautifully and eloquently portray that. No matter how many mini heart attacks you have had you always are there to love him and support him! He is blessed to have you. And I will be praying too! ;)

    1. Thank you Sara, for your kind and supportive words:) I'll be sure to share how it goes!