Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Naming Trails

We now have quite a few familiar spots on the property, and it's really beginning to feel like home.  I often say that I don't know the statute of limitations for how long you can say, "We've just moved".  But those of you who have, know that it takes time to make a house a home.  We are now beginning to find our way around these 72 acres and Citylogger has blazed many trails.  It's fun to come up with names for them - especially now that we have seen them through all four seasons.  This spot below is as you turn into our driveway.  I've mentioned before, that during construction, this was where we would meet contractors.  That familiar meeting place became, "The Landing".

This is a hill that has a big, beautiful tree that would look great with a swing - that and a good book, and I could easily while away a summer day.

Hoping to put more signs up soon, and when we do, I'll be sure to share.  It's an easier way to show people around as well....Meet you at the corner of "Tired and Exhausted" - that's what some trails feel like on chipping and shredding days!

No really though -  just kidding!  Seriously considering "The Ridge" for along the back of the property, and "The Danny Pond", for the pond that Dan and Andy dug out last summer.

I like the "I Quit Split" for where Kristen and I sat down in the snow one time when we were completely lost.  Stay tuned!

Hope you are having a great week!

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